Problem to create Deal in Pipedrive

I have created a workflow to create new deal in Pipedrive.

My workflow is :
1. Collect data from Ninja Form
2. Update or Create New Organization (Pipedrive)
3. Create Person (Pipedrive)
4. Create Deal (Pipedrive)

All data sync successfully. However, when I create a same organization name, it would not check duplicate and create a new name once again.

It is also strange that the new deal is associated to the old one....

May I know how to solve it? Thank you.



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Hey @Foundstone

We are currently looking into it. So, kindly allow us some time.

Meanwhile, you can use the "Search Organisation" action step then on the basis of its presence your create one or simply pass the Organization ID then follow the reset of the action step same as you were using.