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What is our use of Pabbly?
  • We are a music school and teach music and therapeutic services.
    • http://toukleymusiclessons.com
    • We are different from other PBS clients as we use a two-week subscription with clients starting at different times of the week and needing credit and refund, changes of billing dates, and continual follow-up. We are not an annual subscription system but a rapid turnover with clients coming and leaving regularly. With music lessons, some clients stay for weeks, other for a month or two.
    • PBS was chosen as it is
      • simple in its process of signing up with a single link
      • Its prices are fair but the cost with strip was not feasible so we have surcharged our customers for the % of Stripe Merchant but not the flat.30c
      • We only use systems that have direct customer support. That offers Chat or Phone and value this way above ticket or email.
  • We used PBS from 2018 but left it in 2021 only to return after considering advice from Sonam regarding updating the interface and surcharging our customers for Stripe fees.
    • We then found the following issues are still prevalent and continue to hound us.
    • This is a difficult call as we are not faced with a possibility of ditching PBS again as the interface remains clunky and problematic with lots of fixes that are being told to us as "about to be sorted and upgraded"
      • So as of the 14th of April, We are urgently updating this document on the instruction of Sonam who continues to advise us to hold and wait for the upgrades.
  • We need to be able to sign up and collect funds - Pabbly does this.
  • We Do NOT need Pabbly as accounting software, we have dedicated software for this.
  • We also need to be able to credit customers - say if they are unable to attend a music lesson and give us adequate notice.
  • We collect subscriptions fortnightly with most paying $60 or $100 a fortnight, but there are many other types.
as such there are our critical needs.
  1. Giving Credit to customers who are currently subscribed
    • Ability to apply any amount equal to, less, or greater than a renewed subscription
      • For example, a client has been subscribed to pay $100 a fortnight for six months but one week needs a credit of $50 - we need to give that client a credit of $50 which will come off their next renewal so that the system on seeing they have a $50 credit will automatically subtract the $50 from their normal $100 and collect only $50 from the client.
        • Refunding - NOTE: We are currently refunding, however, this is not a solution as it generates a cost we bear for the processing of the refund
          • Refunding does not always work, it depends on if the customer has available funds from previous payments. We often need to give credits to customers BEFORE they have made any payments.
          • Refunding is NOT within the selected policy of our service, we wish to give a Customer Credit and not refund.
  2. Customer Sign up contacts should sync with Google Contacts
    • The database should connect using standard API with Google Contacts.
    • We need the contact information generated by PBS to feed into our School Contact Database
    • This is to assist us with contacting our customers.
  3. Purging and removal of unused items or products
    • We have been using PSB for a few years, and have unused products and many unused clients.
      • This is data that PSB does not need and is seen as clutter.
      • Pankaj on the 10th of April 2021 in a phone call with me said " We need around ten days to make this available, I will provide a method so that it takes only a few seconds for you to be able to delete a customer instead of several minutes, this will. We do not delete customers as this can create issues, including legal issues. "
    • We want to be able to remove in a simple click, the old customers and old products
  4. Passing the Stripe fee onto the customer
    • I have used a tax rule to apply 1.75% to a customers total subscription, making a $100 subscription $101.75 however, Stripe will apply a charge to $101.75+30 - as such, we need to be able to apply the Stripe fees as occurs on other services similar to PBS, without affecting the total collected from the customer. Stripe fees (1.75% +.30c) should not be added on the PBS subscription total, but be added to the charge made to the customer after the PBS total hits Stripe - Also, we are currently not able to apply .30c charge -
  5. Moving and organizing products,
    • The ability to sort and move products around on the products page, to sort and organize the page
    • When we create new products they are added to the top of the page, we would like to move them around so they are sorted and organized and not mixed up.
  6. Vectoring
    • PBS Does not resize but disappears when it does not fit on the screen, it does not vector (automatically resize) if you have to reduce the screen or split your monitor screen as I am doing now for the purpose of updating check out pages
  7. Check out page simplification
    • We should be able to copy a Check out page over to a set of products rather than having to recreate it entirely for a set of products.
      • We are unable to make our selected customer check-out page available to other sets of products once it has been saved in a product set.
      • As such it took more time, around half an hour, each time we had to recreate the Check out Page again for other products.
  8. Reading Agreements and Policies on the Checkout Page loses data! it needs to open in a NEW tab
    • Customized Checkouts page has Agreements with Privacy Policy.
      • If a customer clicks to read the Privacy policy prior to the agreement, on the Check out page, and after they enter all their information - it opens the Policy on the same tab as the Checkout page and erases their information forcing a customer to find the HTML link and start the process of inputting data a second time.
        • This is wrong, it should open on a new tab or Page.
  9. Payment Gateway removal
    • We need to be able to remove a gateway, it is no longer required for PBS.
    • The gateway is now called '~' cause we can change the name and it is showing up as a gateway for payments on the checkout page.
    • We do not want this, we can not delete this gateway.
  10. Gateway Updating
    • If the Gateway is to be selected for products it should be able to be selected from all and not one at a time via each product's edit screen.
  11. Changing Names??
    • Sonam told me that she would assist in my name SMB change for my business, it has not happened after four days.
    • We should be able to change our names without causing conflict.
  12. Setting PBS Subscription Payments to Start in the Future
    • Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 9.53.04 am.pngthe calendar only works for the present day, and not future dates....???
    • need to be able to start a subscription in the future.
    • I wanted to start a client two weeks in the future for a subscription, but the system does not allow that.
  13. Receipting
    • Easy editing of a receipt of purchase or subscription.
    • Currently, there is no way to test an update unless we make a payment.
    • There are many receipt methods and its difficult to update and know where the receipt is applied.
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Hey Ray, Thanks for your request.
Please check the resolution below in points as per your preferred way -
1. Giving Credit to customers who are currently subscribed - Currently, such an option is not enabled in the system i.e. credits in Pabbly Subscription Billing only works with upgrade & downgrade of a subscription. For reference, follow this documentation - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/features/#section5. Therefore, we had taken note of this & would be checking accordingly on the possibilities for the same.

2. Customer Sign up contacts should sync with Google Contacts - Our system has open Webhook & API through which you could easily capture any data for your reference. As you are looking to fetch contact information, that could be easily achieved via "customer create" webhook. For reference, please check this doc - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/webhooks/

3. Purging and removal of unused items or products - Yes, this could be achieved through a single click as recently we had updated the system & made the deletion process very easy & convenient to handle.
Now, the customer data can be removed through a single click & each time the above confirmation pop-up will be displayed before deleting any data.

4. Passing the Stripe fee onto the customer - We understand your requirement, but would like to clarify that tax could be set prior the payment & payment gateway transaction fee cannot be recorded on the invoice as the system works in a predefined manner i.e. it'll fetch the tax info only. Therefore, we'll be unable to fetch the payment gateway transaction fee as that is being charged on another platform & we only display the predefined selected data through PSB.

5. Moving and organizing products - We had noted this requirement & would be checking accordingly to get this more sorted. Therefore, request your little patience on this as our team is dedicatedly working on the system updates on continuous basis.

6. Vectoring - For this, please follow this tutorial link -

7. Check out page simplification - You could customize the checkout pages in All Products/All Plans format so that it will sort the hassle of creating it again. The set changes will then displayed to all pages in one shot. For instance, please check this - https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/checkout-page-customizer.87/

8. Reading Agreements and Policies on the Checkout Page loses data! it needs to open in a NEW tab - We'll get this fixed so that it'll then start redirecting to a New Tab.

9. Payment Gateway removal - This is in our roadmap & will be working accordingly on the possibilities for the same.

10. Gateway Updating - Currently, we follow this in PSB -
Hence, there are plan wise settings in PSB. We could set up the payment gateway for a plan rather than directly to a product.

11. Changing Names?? - We had removed the existing portal name from your Pabbly account. Therefore, you could now set the new portal name as per your choice.

12. Setting PSB Subscription Payments to Start in the Future - We're sorry to inform that currently such an option to enable customized date to a future subscription is not built in the system. However, we had taken note of your request & will be including this to our roadmap for future updates.

13. Receipting - This could be achieved using Email Notification System in PSB. For instance, please follow this doc - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/email-notification/. Also, please note that our system comprises of separate default email templates for each activity like payment success & subscription renewal etc. Therefore, any changes made to a specific template will be applied to a particular activity whether it is payment success or failed & each notification will be sent automatically to the merchant & the customer. For clarity, please check this post - https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/email-notification-system.106/


Hi Sonam
Thank you for your help with this 👏👏
We have some way to go, but this is a fantastic start! ⭐🌟⭐
A number of things remain with the ones in red as critical needs

Red is critical needs
Black is good and resolved
Purple is a high need
Green is asap need
  1. Crediting Its the ability to credit a customer who has a fortnightly recurring bill. I can not accept that this can not be done.
  2. OK, do you have a freelancer for this? if you like I can freelance one of your team to sort this, it would be a g great help
  3. Congratulations! Pankaj has delivered and has my respect. Thank you, Sonam!!
  4. accepted
  5. waiting, need to be able to organize and remove unused products.
  6. NO GOOD< do not send a 45min video and ask us to watch it to find the bit we need, It would be better to send a YouTube time stamp to this, please.
  7. While I accept this works, we should also be able to copy the page I have gone through the Saga of recreating the page, we may want a different page but with similarities. For that, copying is the best and only option.
  8. Yes, this is essential, a simple fix for programmers.
  9. Yes, this is essential and also a simple fix
  10. Thank you, I have applied.
  11. Yes, this should have been easy for us to do, thank you for assisting your side.
  12. I can work around this, but if you do not offer it, do not suggest you do in the sign up page.
  13. I am trying this now and is the most critical of my needs, to remove the reciting system is essential.
    1. We have followed your instructions, but the default as found here, https://payments.pabbly.com/app/setting/email-notification/edit/successful_payment_to_customer
      1. Is not working as yet.
      2. Spent an hour on this and it has not worked.
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