Required field Subscriber UID missing


Please help me, where I get his Subscriber UID from, thank you.

This email is to notify you that for the workflow "Sachkundenachweis" , a recent task was not executed due to following error -​

Task History ID: IjU3NjcwNTY1MDYzNzA0MzQ1MjY1NTUzMDUxMzM1MTY0NTQzNSI_3D_pc
Step Name: Zagomail > Add Tag To Subscriber
Connection Name: Zagomail
Task Error Detail:

"status": "error",
"message": "Required field Subscriber UID missing. Learn more:"


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Hey @Karin

The Subscriber, you are trying to create already exists in an account that's why "Create Subscriber" doesn't capture the Subscriber UUID and returns the error.