Send contacts from LinkedIn to ActiveCampaign



My boss has tasked me with finding a replacement for Zapier.

So I signed up here and have no idea what I'm even attempting to connect. I've tried creating the flow a few times and can't figure out how I integrate with LinkedIn itself, or how I could go about making a hook(or whatever) pull new contacts.

Currently, via Zapier, any new connections my boss makes on LinkedIn are instantly added to his ActiveCampaign email list.

At this point my options seem to be:
- Find an article that explains this, although I'm not even sure what exactly I'm trying to do.
- Hire a third party to create this connection.
- Cancel this account and continue using Zapier.

Any input or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

And I assume this is the only form of support Pabbly offers?


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Hey @thenetking

If you are trying to syn your Linkedin data with the Active campaign then kindly refer to the following videos.

(Watch the first part of the video on how you can receive the data from your Linkedin)

(Watch the last part of the video to pass the data in Active Campaign)

Kindly give it a try and let us know if that works for you.