subscription_activate From PSB is not being sent via webhook to Pabbly Connect



Why if a subscription is created and first payment is made PSB is not sending the event type: subscription_activate in webhook to Pabbly Connect ?

It send payment_success / invoice_paid but only sometimes it send the subscription_activate

I need know a event type that happen only one time in subscription life... because with this event I will give to my user a license key of my software (I'm not using the license codes from PSB).

How to acomplish that?


Staff member
Hello Rodrigo,

As we checked, due to some technical issue, the response was not received in Pabbly Connect. However, the error has been rectified and you can check on your end.

Further, if you encounter any such concern in the future, you can check in Pabbly Subscription Billing if that particular event has been triggered or not.