Switch module?? Multiple examples in the same work flow


Hi there, for users coming from Integromat/Make (switch module), how does one reproduce multiple text switch modules in the one workflow?

I.e in my workflows I want to create replacement text, based on user inputs (from online forms). The inputs would need to be converted to said SaaS ID's and 'set/saved', in order to push the data to the SaaS as ID's

e.g Form input, Lead source (say 10 variables), based on the users selection, the input would need to be converted to the related SaaS ID, so the data can be pushed through.

e.g 2. 'Service request', based on their inputs, the ID would need to be used so the data can be pushed to the SaaS.

The SaaS I use is Airtable, Plutio, Cloze.

Make (formerly Integromat) makes this process simple. I can't think of a way to do it in Pabbly.

I understand has Routers, but this can only be used as the last module on a workflows.

Was hoping for an elegant solution...

(Currently I am exploring using 'Lookup Table' module and Google Sheets)
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