The response received from the WhatsApp Cloud API app is shown below:

This email is to notify you that for the workflow "sublime" , a recent task was not executed due to following error -

Task History ID: IjU3NjcwNTY5MDYzNjA0Mzc1MjY1NTUzNTUxM2E1MTZiNTQzOCI_3D_pc
Step Name: WhatsApp Cloud API > Send Template Message
Connection Name: WhatsApp Cloud API #44
Task Error Detail:

"error > message": "(#100) Invalid parameter",
"error > type": "OAuthException",
"error > code": 100,
"error > error_data > messaging_product": "whatsapp",
"error > error_data > details": "Parameter Invalid",
"error > error_subcode": 2494010,
"error > fbtrace_id": "A0Pn7XhBLai1SwgQS1KP996"


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Hey @hkchris168

It seems like at that moment WhatsApp Cloud API didn't process your API request.

Kindly reconnect the action step and try again.