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Understanding Sales, Customer, Subscription, and Invoice Statuses In Pabbly Subscription Billing

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Understanding Sales, Customer, Subscription, and Invoice Statuses In Pabbly Subscription Billing​

This document will provide an overview of the different statuses you might encounter while using our software. Understanding these statuses will ensure you have clarity about your sales, subscriptions, customers, and invoices.

1. Different Types of Sales Status:​

While navigating Pabbly Subscription Billing, you'll notice various sales statuses:

- Refund: This indicates a refund has been issued to a customer for a specific payment.

- Success: This indicates that payment has been successfully received through the payment gateway.

- Created: This indicates a customer filled the checkout page but did not complete the payment process.

- Failure: This indicates an unsuccessful payment attempt.

2. Different Types of Customer Status:

While navigating Pabbly Subscription Billing, you'll notice various Customer statuses:

- Paid: Indicates a customer with a paid subscription.

- Unpaid: Represents customers without a paid subscription.

Please Note: Affiliates who aren't your customers will also show as unpaid customers.

3. Different Types of Subscription Status:​

While navigating Pabbly Subscription Billing, you'll notice various subscription statuses:

- Live: Represents an active subscription.

- Pending: The subscription is yet to be activated due to payment issues.

- Trial: A customer is using a trial plan.

- Expired: The subscription plan's validity has ended.

- Dunning: Shows when there are payment issues like declined cards, failed subscription renewals, or dunning emails are being sent for card detail updates.
Remember:- Post three email reminders, the status can change to "Paid" or shift to "Unpaid"/"Canceled" based on dunning settings and customer actions.

- Canceled: Immediate cancellation of a subscription.

-Non Renewing: The subscription will be canceled after the current term.

-Unpaid: Failure to pay even after dunning email reminders.

-Trial Expired: Indicates the end of a trial subscription.

-Paused: The subscription is temporarily halted.

- Future: A subscription set for future activation, where no invoice is generated until the start date.

Please note:- subscription statuses update automatically based on payment and other factors.

4. Different Types of Invoice Status:​

Pabbly Subscription provides clarity about the status of your invoices:

- Sent: This status appears in two scenarios:
a) When offering a payment term for any subscription.
b) When creating a manual-recurring subscription.

- Paid: The invoice status when the associated subscription is Live.

- Overdue: Represents unpaid invoices after their due date.

- Pending: The invoice is awaiting payment confirmation.

- Refunded: Indicates the customer received a refund.

- VOID: This status comes into play when there are multiple invoice prefixes for different gateways. If a customer switches gateways after a failed payment, the invoice for the failed payment will be voided.

We hope this guide helps you navigate Pabbly Subscription Billing more effectively. Should you have any more queries, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]
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