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Vlookup + Update Cell Help

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Need Help with my Workflow.
My Results are not as expected.

Google Sheet Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uE_rCqdnj5ETglSHafDWPZqV_pHJc3cKFxIOsLkR9iA/edit?usp=sharing
Vlookup & Update Cell are not working as I want them to!

Workflow Name: Auto Update Form - Part 2

Form Responses 1: User will Enter Data in this sheet followed by Marking Data Approved/Rejected
Need to run a vlookup on Form Responses1 which will place the "Approved" text in Both Sheet1 & Sheet2
Column C is the Trigger Column! (For the First Action in the Workflow)

Sheet1: Column C should get updated here
Sheet2: Column H should get updated here

The common column for all three sheets is the Second column in the "Form Responses1"and"Sheet1" and the last column in sheet2


Attaching Images for better understanding
"Approved" Status needs to go from Form Responses 1 to Sheet1 & Sheet2

Tried running a Lookup spreadsheet, with Form Responses1 as the Select Sheet
and Tried mapping in Sheet1: ColumnC and RowIndex2 as shown in your YouTube Help Video but its not working for me.
tried mapping sheet2 similarly,
please check workflow url and steps for better understanding

Form Responses 1: Column C is Trigger - for your testing purposes!



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The challenge is, this Workflow is successful only for the first row.
It fails, as soon as the second third and other rows get triggered.
So Why is that happening

I have been testing it at my end as well
Where am I going wrong?


I have tried Update cell Value - It didn't work
Next, I tried Update Row - It didn't work either

The below videos are similar to what I want BUT they are testing individual values only. One Value.
The First Value works perfect for Row 1 but when we try working it for the other rows, it does not work.



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Kindly try to avoid using the "Get Rows " action step instead of that only the "Lookup Value" action step, so will provide the Row Index and the data to validate to which row you want to update as "Approved"
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