Weekly Pushes Using "Schedule by Pabbly"



I work with clients who make multiple 'micro' purchases each each (pay per lead model). The number of those mirco purchases will vary week to week. Currently every Monday I am manually billing for the micro purchases completed for the previous week. Is there a way I can use "Schedule by Pabbly" or another method to stockpile those purchases and every Monday bill for all of them automatically using Pabbly? I am using stripe as my billing platform.

Please let me know.

Thank you


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Hey @scaleowl

Since Stripe doesn't offer any action event to retrieve all the transactions at once. So, it's not possible to process all the transactions after a week.

Though if possible you can store all your purchases in Google Sheets or on any kind of table and then you can retrieve the purchases and then can process them.

For reference, you can watch the following video on how we can process your purchases after storing them in the sheet.