Whatsapp Cloud API - Meta, get messages


is there a way to reply to any message on Whatsapp Cloud API automatically using a template?

I am using Pabbly + Cloud API to send a confirmation message on e-commerce order
I am using our VOICE number as sender on whatsapp

I would like to send to all the people that are answering to my confirmation message, or sending any message to my whatsapp API number to call or to use email.

order from website - send confirmation with +39xxxx1 using pabbly + whatsapp cloud
user gets confirmation
user can voice call +39xxxx1 and we answer the phone
user send whatsapp to +39xxxx1
I need a Pabbly webhook to get message and reply with a template
is it possible?



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Hey @Aar

It seems like your use case requires a bot messaging feature that is currently unavailable.

We are currently looking into the possibility of your usecase with some workaround.

So, kindly allow us some time, we will let you know with an update soon.