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Workflow Edit Log (workflow disabled due to)

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👉 Case 1: Workflow disabled due to tasks fully consumed.
The error arises when all the tasks assigned to your Pabbly Connect account have been utilized, leaving no remaining tasks for workflow execution. As a consequence, the affected workflows are automatically disabled until more tasks are made available. When this error occurs, the disabled workflows will not function as intended, leading to a disruption in the automated processes you have set up with Pabbly Connect. It is essential to monitor your task consumption to avoid such interruptions and ensure the smooth operation of your workflows.

👉 Case 2: Workflow disabled due to abusing of daily free tasks limit.
This error will arise when a specific workflow consumed more than 10 times the free tasks of their allotted tasks. For example, if a customer has 10,000 tasks allotted to their Pabbly Connect account, then the daily free tasks limit assigned to each workflow will be 100,000 (i.e, 10 times of allotted tasks)

When using Pabbly Connect, customers are given a specific number of tasks that they can perform within their account. Each workflow created by a customer has a limit on the number of free tasks it can execute per day. This means that if a workflow exceeds this limit, an error occurs.

The free task limit for each workflow is determined by multiplying the total number of tasks allotted to the customer's Pabbly Connect account by 10. For example, if a customer has been allocated 10,000 tasks for their Pabbly Connect account, each workflow will have a daily free task limit of 100,000 (i.e., 10 times the allotted tasks). It is important for customers to be aware of this limit to avoid encountering errors and ensure smooth workflow execution within their accounts.
Note: If you need higher free tasks count, consider upgrading your subscription plan with higher paid tasks limit so that you can automatically get higher free tasks limit.

👉 Case 3: Workflow disabled due to high polling errors.
High polling errors refer to situations where a workflow in Pabbly Connect experiences an excessive number of polling attempts within a large period of time. Polling is the process of regularly checking a trigger or event source for new data. When a workflow encounters high polling errors, it can lead to system instability, performance degradation, and potential disruptions to other workflows. If you want to know more about it, check here how polling works.

👉 Case 4: Workflow disabled by Pabbly Connect Manager.
If you are using the Pabbly Connect Manager to enable or disable a workflow, you may notice a message in the workflow edit log stating that the workflow has been disabled. This occurs as a result of actions performed within the Pabbly Connect Manager, specifically when enabling or disabling workflows.
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