Working of Addons in PSB

While working with Addons in Pabbly Subscriptions Billing, there is a small point which you will need to keep in mind when you are setting up add-ons for your product.

The billing of add-on will work according to the billing cycle of the plan. Suppose you have a monthly recurring plan and a yearly add-on associated with that plan.
Then on the checkout page of the monthly plan, the amount of yearly add-ons will be divided by 12 (1 Year = 12 months) and that amount will be billed if the customer chooses that particular add-on.

Let’s get it understood from a live example – Suppose you are selling a monthly plan – “Plan 1” of $50. You have added an add-on for this product. The add-on is of the yearly billing cycle of $60. So when you open the Checkout page of Plan 1. The plan amount will be displayed $50 and the add-on amount will be displayed $5/m (60/12 = 5).

So in case if you are using the add-on the priority will be given to the billing cycle of the plan.

The vice versa case will also work the same. Like for a Yearly plan and monthly add-on. The add-on amount will be multiplied by 12 and then displayed on the checkout page.

Also, a recurring addon cannot be used with a One-time payment plan, since the one-time plan has no future billings and addons' billing cannot be done without the plan billing.

So this is all the information which you will need to use this feature. Please login to your account and check it for a better understanding.