Would love an easy way to accept crypto payments (and incentivise)


I know we currently have the ability to set up custom gateways in Pabbly Subscription Billing but I'm not totally sure where to start when choosing a payment gateway for accepting crypto payments. Mainly because of the process involved for accepting recurring payments... would that need to be handled by the gateway I choose or would Pabbly send some kind of update to that gateway each time a payment is due? How would I need to set up changes to subscriptions (like adding or removing add-ons)?

So many questions and so I'd LOVE for a simple way to be able to accept crypto payments via native integration of some kind to one of the many crypto payment gateways available out there today.

I'm currently looking at are NOWPayments which has an API integration available if anyone is looking for an example.

As for the incentive portion... I think it'd be awesome to be able to automatically apply some kind of discount when choosing to pay with crypto vs fiat currency. And automatically remove that discount if they swap to a fiat payment method down the road.

If there is anyone already accepting crypto I'd love to hear how you're doing it!