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Sync stripe billings payments on Pabbly and to track stripe affiliates.


If we manage Billings on stripe (reverse sync)
  • Payments and subs to be synced on Pabbly from Stripe
  • Map affiliates and payouts who referred.
For example I registered on your affiliate program XYZBrand on pabbly system, and you're XYZBrand accepts payments directly on stripe Billing,
Whenever my customer completes a payment on Stripe, that payment has to be synced and mapped on Pabbly too, so I can look out how much I earned.

Tracking will work on the basis of
  • Pabbly will create unique discount code via api on stripe for every affiliate

    Once customer mail id is mapped, whatever future payments takes places inside stripe billing, will also sync and map on pabbly and affiliates as email ID already linked to affiliate
  • By installing SDK pabbly on our website to track affiliates to map
  • By creating a small form for asking Email. Form is pabbly owned to track and map affiliate users and customer tracking.
This way Stripe payments can be tracked and affiliates can be mapped. Once my customer maps into my email, all the future payments will be synced and my earning will show up on Pabbly brand dashboard.

The execution can be done by :

1st way of tracking
  • Using Stripe API keys, and webhook all the account data on stripe can be synced.
  • Now once a business owner creates a product/service pricing plan on stripe use the Plan_ID to sync the product on Pabbly.
  • Once product is synced, Business owners can assign affiliate commissions as usual happening in Pabbly.
  • Any new affiliate registered on Pabbly, will get a unique discount / tracking code. for example DRONA29.
  • The discount / tracking code will be created on Stripe also in order to sync, track & map the customer to affiliate.
  • One customer email is mapped on a Pabbly affiliate, all the future payments and new subscription will also be mapped with the affiliate.

2nd way of tracking
  • A form + tracking SDK to be created where the Singup now button / popup email box will be dropped to map email with a tracking affiliate, and redirect it to the normal signup.
  • Once the email is mapped, all the future payments by the customer Emails will be synced and mapped with affiliate earnings.

Examples of tacking softwares: who are doing this : PromoteKit, Rewardful, Trackdesk
Also look for all the competitions in this product : https://www.reelunlimited.com/blog/affiliates-software-for-stripe

All these are looting the SaaS founders, I believe this can be a groundbreaking feature.

There are 1000s of business who will purchase LTD if this is fulfilled
Example tracking software : PromoteKit and 20 more in the market, who are looting on there pricings to track affiliates on stripe.


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Staff member
Hello @drona2938 ,

Thank you for submitting this feature request. I will forward it to the team for assessment of its feasibility. If we receive multiple requests for this feature from our users, we will consider its inclusion in Pabbly Subscription Billing.

Before proceeding, we would like to understand a few things related to this use case:

1. Why do you want to accept payments directly with Stripe?
2. Why are you not using the Pabbly Checkout page for the checkout process, given that you can connect your Stripe account with Pabbly Subscription Billing?


Hi @MukeshR
As we are already receiving payments on Stripe, and 200+ subscriptions are already active on our stripe account, moreover we are using payment routing feature from Stripe to disburse payments to our service provider and vendors, and we have 3 more SaaS products that are active, So as of now it is difficult to switch active subscriptions and disbursals, as it will require major technological and Operational shift

As of now we are using PromoteKit to achieve this feature, but we are looking if PSB can solve this use case, So we can move to LTD.


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Staff member
Hello @drona2938 ,

Please allow me some time to investigate this use case further according to this feature request. I will get back to you in case of any further queries.