Getting an error on the LeadConnector integration "Custom fields not found."


I am trying to create a contact based on an incoming webhook. Before I added all the custom fields I needed I connected and tested the connection mapping just the standard data and it worked. I added the custom fields I need and reconnected, it shows all the custom fields. I tried to once again test (without mapping any of the custom fields) and it ends in an error "Custom fields not found.". Checking the CRM, Pabbly creates a contact record but all fields are blank. This is a problem because I'm now completely stuck and can't get the contacts created.

How do I fix this? How do I proceed?


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Hey @escrazi

Kindly try passing the data in any of your custom fields once and then try again.

Further, you should pass tags in double quotes as mentioned in the help text. Please try again and let us know if that is working fine.