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Gravity Form as part of WooCommerce products not recognized by webhook

I'm trying to create a series of complex automations for an ecommerce website. The store uses WooCommerce with the Gravity Forms extension. The GF is used to select course registration options.

In Zapier, I have no problem connecting to Gravity Forms and pulling the entry data from the new orders. It Pabbly, it seems I cannot.

In Pabbly, the webhook only seems to recognize the form entries when the form is submitted apart from the WooCommerce product order. If I preview the GF and submit the form that way, Pabbly does see the entry.

I really want to be able to do this in Pabbly instead of Zapier, but Zapier seems to be able to handle this without a problem. Can someone help me get this working in Pabbly?


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Hey @Quiet City Design

Could you please elaborate on your use case and as a reference of your workflow please share a screenshot or a short video, so that we can look into it and can check the possibility of the use case.
For sure. I didn't expect anyone to have a clear answer right off the bat!

The site is a Scuba training store and they have 13 different courses that people can register and pay for.

The registration form is handled by a Gravity Form embedded into the WooCommerce product using the plugin "WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons"


After they complete this form, the product is added to the cart and they checkout in the normal Woocommerce format.

In the dashboard, the order is linked to the GF entry:


This is the Gravity Form Entry info from the link:


I have the webhook set up on Gravity Forms as instructed:

If I fill in the Gravity Form on its own, not part of the Woo product, the webhook picks up the entry data just fine.

When I try to collect the entry data from a purchase, it doesn't work. It just sits there, spinning around, waiting for input.


That's what's happening in Pabbly. In Zapier, there are no problems. Granted, they have a Woocommerce plugin that can search and find pre-existing data.


Does this make sense? I have many steps in these automations and there will be at least 15 separate automations in total. I don't want to do this in Zapier if possible.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Hey @Quiet City Design

As we can see from your account you have already captured the webhook response correctly and managed to scare the related data too from your trigger response.

Kindly try the complete automation by giving a test submission and let us know if you still get stuck at any step.
I have tested this and it doesn't work. That is why I showed all of the steps taken above and explained it in so much detail. When I try to get the data from a live order, it doesn't work


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Hey @Quiet City Design

We can see your workflow is switched off/disabled, so can you confirm for us that you have tried the test submission while it is switched on?

And if you have tried and it didn't work then kindly Re-Capture the webhook response and try again.

I've turned these workflows off because it's on a live site. While I'm testing, I do turn them on. I just tried again - turned on the Open Water Course workflow, completed an actual order on the website, and tried to capture the data. It does nothing. I made a video. https://www.loom.com/share/edf249653b8d4d93aca0cb0b949014bc

I didn't have audio, so let me explain.

I turned the workflow on and activated the Re-capture Webhook Response.
I created a new order on the website.
Nothing happens. The Webhook spins and spins.

I look at the GF entries. I can see the new entry from my most recent order. The last webhook response was collected Mar 29 from a previewed GF entry, not an actual order.


Staff member
Hey @Quiet City Design !

Can you do a test on the "Webhook.site" for the Webhook concern you are facing with the Gravity Forms with order purchase.

You can check out this video tutorial on how this works-

Kindly check for this and let us know, if this works for you on the "Webhook.site" , so we can check further on the issue for you at our end.

Hope, to hear from you soon.
Thanks for this tip, @Subin. I tested the webhook from Webhook.site and it has the exact same issue. It does NOT get the Gravity Form data when it's part of the WooCommerce order, but it DOES get the entry data when I test the form alone.

So I'm going to assume that Gravity Form webhooks do not work when they are part of a WooCommerce order. However, Zapier's native plugin does recognize the entry data, so I have to use it for this project after all.

Thanks very much anyway!