How to add SSL to your Custom Domain

Every now & then we have been asked: ” Our domain has SSL activated, why I can’t see SSL with Custom Domain?”

Your custom domain is the subdomain of your website (domain). We create a new subdomain for your checkout page. A subdomain is a part of your domain but the changes/features on main domain do not get reflected on your subdomain automatically. All the feature of your domain and subdomain needs to be added one at a time respectively. In the same way, SSL on the main domain will not work for the subdomain. You need to activate SSL for the subdomain, In this case, Custom Domain to make sure your Checkout Page is secure.

See, For example, This is our generic checkout URL:
You requested a Custom domain as ( ( is your main domain and you have SSL activated for it.
We created the custom domain as ( Since this is a subdomain, you need to activate the SSL to ensure your customer checkout data is safe.

Here is the easy way to add the SSL to your sub-domain-

1. Go to Cloudflare (, log in to your dashboard. Now, add your site after clicking on the “Add Site” button on the page.

2. Once you added your site, the popup window will appear like this-

PopUp Window

Click on the “Next” button to continue the process.

3. It will redirect you to the plan, select one of the plans to add the SSL in your sub-domain. You can choose the FREE plan without having to pay anything.

Select Plan

4. Confirm the purchase, after clicking on the “Purchase” button.

Confirm Purchase

5. DNS Query Result – Cloudflare will scan your website completely and let you know about the missing records so that you can add them and complete the process to secure your website.

DNS Query Result

6. Change your nameserver from your current DNS provider. Your current DNS provider might be someone from whom you have purchased your domain name. For example Godaddy, NameCheap etc.

Change your nameserver

7. Once you have added the Nameserver, you can click on the Recheck Nameservers button.

Recheck Nameservers

8. Once the Nameservers are added, you will see the Active mention on the CloudFlare Dashboard.

Active Status

9. You can click on the name of the site and a settings panel will open up. Click on DNS menu on the top to open the DNS window.

DNS menu

10. Add the CNAME & it’s alias value and clicks on the “Add Record ” button.

Once you follow the steps, your CNAME will get added like this-

Add Record

11. Now, click on the Crypto option to the submenu and select “Full” in the SSL part. The current status of your “Universal SSL” will be “Initializing Certificate”.

Universal SSL

12. And once your DNS record will be added then the status of “Universal SSL” will be changed to “Active Certificate”.

Active Certificate


Is it possible to have more then one custom sub domain?

Example, for checkout links, for customers, for affiliates