I have been banned for whatsapp for using pabbly with chat api..


i dont know how to start.. ive been pabbly since 3 days ago.. on the second day, ive been banned (which i assume the reason because of chat api integration with pabbly). but i already ask whatsapp to unbanned me & success getting back my whatsapp account.

i used pabbly & chat api for whatsapp my customer (which they have succesful buy from my website, after made payment) automatically whatsapp (detail of puchased) trigger to send message (whatsapp) my new customer (which i havent save their contact name).

from chat api history messages, i saw :

false_60172047331-1519981876@g.us_F32DADC8673C7EFCE9D9F22BBCB33105 ---> ( happen if there is nothing buying made)
false_60172047331-1519981876@g.us_0D3FB8860A66EAFED4847AD80C0197A4 ---> ( happen if there is nothing buying made)

true_60134808894@c.us_3EB071DBB8A8CF0163DC ---> ( happen if there succesfull buying made)
true_60128803596@c.us_3EB0FAF909C5E39F85D8---> ( happen if there succesfull buying made)

may i know what is the problem? i dont want whatsapp to ban my number again..


ChatAPI is an unofficial WhatsApp Integration. If you send too many messages or if too many people block your messages. Your WhatsApp number may be blocked.

You can also use the official WhatsApp Integration by Gupshup or other platform if you want. We integrate with those platforms as well.