I keep getting errors with TikTok Lead form and Lead Connector

I keep getting several 'Partial Failed' errors when getting TikTok lead form submissions and sending the data to GoHighLevel using the LeadConnector integration. When I open the error message, it says 'The email must be a valid email address.' Is there a way to fix this issue?

Please see attached screenshots of the errors I am receiving.

I have a total of 30 leads that came through from TikTok consuming 30 tasks in Pabbly Connect. But only 11 of them submitted to LeadConnector successfully. The other 19 have had errors saying the email must be a valid email address. Can someone on your tech team help me fix this issue or find a solution?

I also just noticed that the 'Data In' is mixing up the fields and placing the wrong data in the wrong fields. But why is it working 11 out of the 30 times successfully but the other 19 out of the 30 consumed tasks it is mixing up the field data? Can you see if you can fix this problem for me?


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Hey @socialseobuilder

It seems like the labels in whcih you are getting an email address, phone numbers and names are getting shuffled. Seems like you might have done some changes in your TikTok Lead Generation.

So, we would recommend you recapture the webhook response once and then map the correct field.