LinkedIn : Share an Article or URL (v2)


We want to automate our Post to our Linkedin Page via "LinkedIn : Share an Article or URL (v2)" from our RSS Feed.

we used an employees Linkedin Profil who is a super admin for this page to connect. The Connection works BUT

the field: "Commentary" which in our understanding is the Content Box, doesn't work propably. when i use the automation it only copies about 129 Characters and then it stops.

It also does not copy the image from the articel.

Thanks in advance.


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The Workflow name is: | Twitter | Facebook​

FYI: I just put a delay between Linkedin and the rest, so it is not posting to our Linkedin.

The post also is not up on our Social Media, but I put a Screenshot in the attachments.


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Hey @FrankMbeck

We have checked your Linkedin action step in your workflow and we can see that it is working fine.

Please reconnect the action step and then try again.