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Resolving Custom Domain/Transaction URL Issue with PhonePe Payment Gateway in Pabbly Subscription Billing

If you are encountering a Custom Domain issue or Transaction URL does not match with onboarding URL issue while utilizing PhonePe as a payment gateway within your Pabbly Subscription Billing account, and you are also receiving an error similar to the one shown in the image below at the time of making the payment with PhonePe payment gateway, follow the steps below to resolve it.

Step 1: Setting Up Custom Domain inside Pabbly Subscription Billing
If you haven't set up a custom domain in your Pabbly Subscription Billing account, follow the steps below. If you have already added the custom domain to your account, you can proceed directly to step 2.

1. Navigate to your Pabbly Subscription Billing account.
2. Access the custom domain feature.
3. Create a custom domain following the format: `payments.yourdomain.com`.
4. For detailed instructions on setting up a custom domain, refer to

Step 2: Creating Business Policies For the PhonePe Team

Once your custom domain is set up, create business policies and host them on your main domain. Example policies include:

Step 3: Adding same Policies to PSB Checkout Page

Access your PSB account and navigate to the Product > Plan > Three dots option > Edit Plan. Within the edit plan option, edit the plan description and add links to the business policies you've created.
Please refer to the below screenshot for more details on the business policies would be shown in the checkout pages once the link is added into your plan description


Step 4: Contacting PhonePe Support

After adding the policies on your main domain and checkout page, reach out to PhonePe support team (https://developer.phonepe.com/v1/docs/contact-us/) using your registered phonepe merchant email address to whitelist your custom domain. Provide them with your main domain URL, custom domain URL (`payments.yourdomain.com`) and the link to the PSB checkout page where the policies are added. If possible, attach a recorded video or screenshot showing the addition of policies on the checkout page. Once these details are shared with them the PhonePe team will verify your domain if everything is correct at their end.

Additional Notes:
- Ensure your custom domain is correctly configured and pointing to your PSB account.
- Keep your business policies updated and accessible to your customers.
- Communicate effectively with PhonePe support, providing all necessary details for whitelisting.

By following these steps, you'll successfully integrate a custom domain into your PSB account and have it whitelisted by PhonePe, providing a seamless experience for your customers. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for help.