RSS to Wordpress tiny problem


So I have a setup where I put in a certain tag into my podcast episode description when I post a new episode. An automation then posts a blog post + embedded audio player to my website, the tag gets applied there and a plugin sorts all my podcast episodes on my webpage in different topics via the tag.

I had this working with an old wp plugin which broke so I tried setting it up wit pabbly, so far all works but the tag mapping.
My problem is if I try to choose "tags" in the "post to wordpress" automation part it only shows me the existing tags on the wordpress side.
But I can NOT choose the RSS Data field and put it into tags. (even though the tags are also on my wordpress site)

Here's an example. it only shows MY tags on my wordpress site, but I need it to put the tags from the RSS feed there.
2022-05-05_chrome 646.png

I need the automation to do this: look up the tag field in the rss feed and put the exact tag that I used there into the wordpress publishing part.
How can I accomplish this?
FIeld mapping does not work either as I suppose, I could choose the data fields from the rss feed but then I get an error that it is looking for an integer. See this:

"code": "rest_invalid_param",
"message": "Ungültige(r) Parameter: tags",
"data > status": 400,
"data > params > tags": "tags[0] ist nicht vom Typ integer.",
"data > details > tags > code": "rest_invalid_type",
"data > details > tags > message": "tags[0] ist nicht vom Typ integer.",
"data > details > tags > data > param": "tags[0]"


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Hey @Florian

You can use the "WordPress: Search a Tag" action event to search the tags which you are getting from RSS and then further pass its tag ID on to the "WordPress: Create a Post".