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Hi - any idea why working with Salesforce essentials won't work? Currently using Zapier and it's working fine - but when I try using Pabbly, it's giving me an API webservice error and there's no way to turn it on in essentials instance as it's not included. Not sure why Zapier would be working fine, is Pabbly using a different way to connect?


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Hey @TristaD

It appears that from your Salesflare account the REST API is not enabled for this Organization and because of that you getting the error message.

Also, check if your Salesforce Essentials Edition does not support API access or not and it would require Professional Edition or higher in order to use API.

Please refer to the following API reference for the same.

So, if you have any further issues related to the same then kindly contact the SalesForce support team, they will help you with your account setting accordingly.


Hmm, that's too bad that it doesn't work. Zapier works fine with my org , so I assumed this would too. Not sure how it's connecting differently than Pabbly. Wish I could use this.... I'm sure there are many more that will try and want to as well - Salesforce Essentials is a very popular small business version.