Unenroll a student from teachable

I want to unenroll a student from a course but the current trigger provided by pabbly does not fulfill it as I am not able to fill in the student email(who to be enrolled) and after that unenroll that student.
Similar functionality is provided by zapeir. Request you add that functionality as it will be of great help to unenroll students from google Sheets directly when their plan expires.


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Hey @milansingh2789

Could you please explain your concern once by elaborating on your use case what trigger event you are using and how you want to process the data of unrolled students in Teachable?


Teachable app

On selecting action "Unenroll student from course".

What should we enter in field student? Tried using email address, user id etc, nothing works.

We want to map the webhook to a google sheet. As google sheet is updated with user info, the user should get unenrolled from a teachable course.


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Hey @Pallav

In the Student Id field you need to pass the User If from the "Search User" action step.