Update Custom Field Values while updating Subscription


Hi, I am trying to update the customer subscription. when I upgrade a customer subscription through the web portal of pabbly the Custom Field's values remain ok. but when I update the subscription through API, the pabbly sets the custom field values to the empty string.

Please accept an optional custom_fields field in the request object, so that if I send that field, the custom_fields value has to be updated. If I didn't send it, the previous values have to stick.

"product_id": "akfjaksjfdjasfdksasjfasdf",
"plan_id": "faskdasdfasjksajkdlf;sak",
"customer_id": "kjasfdjkjaskdfaksdfjka",
"price": 100.10,
"setup_fee": "10",
"payment_mode": "offline",
"payment_term": "net0",
"activated_at_val": "immediately",
"custom_fields": [
"field_name": "ignite_id",
"field_value": "1135"
"field_name": "business_name",
"field_value": "Coca Cola"


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