User fields in Zoho CRM

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to connect Facebook Ads with Zoho CRM but I only see the basic CRM fields, I can't see the user fields.

Can these fields be integrated?


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Hey @Cesar Martinez

As of now, we don't support the custom fields in ZOHO CRM's action event. In near future, we will be supporting that and will update you once it is available.


Is there an ETA for this. When you say "near future" does this mean 6 months? 1 year? For us, custom field mapping is crucial as the CRM custom fields determine all our workflows and automation. IF this is fixed, we'd move our business over from zapier immediately


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Hey @GSG

Before supporting the custom field, we will have to do testing and system compatibility checks as well. So providing you with an ETA is not possible for us.

Further, we will make sure to inform you once we start supporting it.

I hope you would understand!