Webhook Response and Message Mapping Success - However Chat Api Message sent is incomplete


I am using a workflow with Trigger as

1. Google Sheets : New or Updated Spreadsheet Row​

and action as

2. Chat API : Send Message​

For the below flow, I am able to capture webhook response with proper data

I am also able to create a custom message with the captured data, however there is only one phone no. field that is missing in the message.

Sometimes it is reflecting in the message sent by chat-api

but many a times it is unable to send the number in the message. number is missing.

kindly suggest.
If I "Save and Send Test Request"
Message received is perfect

However when actual data is entered in google sheets.. It behaves erratic.. Sometimes it sends message perfectly.. Most of the times it does not send it correctly.


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Hey @avaryaretail

Could you please share the task_id of the particular execution in which you didn't get the number in the message and the screenshot of it, so in that way we can try rectifying your concern easily? Since we have checked your respective workflow's history log and couldn't find any error.