'Bypass' module option + Router 'many-to-1'

I am deepening my knowledge of Pabbly Connect and for now, I would find it useful to be able to put a module on standby, do you think about it?

Also, in a project that I have, I would have a trigger which would be the registration of a user on one of my sites (one trigger per site), but the rest of the workflow would remain the same: how to get there please, without having to duplicate a workflow for each site?

Your router module works 1-to-many, but my project would need a many-to-1 module.
Any idea how I could achieve this with your existing modules?

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Hey @ludovicsclain

You can set the webhook URL on your multiple websites and can collect the data with the help of the router module. But implementing multiple triggers in a single workflow is not possible.

Else, you can create multiple workflows for your website data.