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Please check Screenshot
I have done exactly as instructed in the video:

But I'm getting this error!

I have purchased a brand New Number.
Installed WhatsApp & Not opened it or logged in!

The verification went through all the way till the OTP
After Submitting OTP, when It took me to the "Get Started" section.. it throws an error in Red saying "There was a problem registering "8xxxx-xxxxx" (Mobile number)

What should we do?


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100% - Many others will face a similar issue as well

Since I'm facing it while following the step by step instructions in your video

thanks by the video, the videos are of great help!
Request urgent assistance on the same


1. I have purchased 2 new numbers
2. Went to
3. Created a New App linked to my Current Business Account
4. Tested the API using my current number and successfully got the test message
5. Tried Adding One Number at a time. Business name as shown on the screen "ludifu" and category: Education
6. I got the OTP after entering the new Mobile Number (Not activated WhatsApp Business on this... Only downloaded - Not Signed up)
7. After Verifying OTP - I am getting this RED Error Message!

What could be the reason?


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Hey @zest83

We suggest contacting the Facebook team regarding the same. We are unable to guide you on this what could be the reason for that error from our end.