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Flowlu Action - Create CRM Account does not assign Account Owner?

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In Flowlu Actions to create (or update) CRM Account, the field to assign a contact owner does not exist. I contacted Flowlu team and they confirmed that it is available within their API and they recommended that I need to contact Pabbly's team to look over the issue.

In short, while creating or updating a Flowlu CRM account, there should be the option to assign the account owner from my team.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Active member
There are many fields that can be assigned to a Flowlu account. It's impossible to have the actions all users of Pabbly wants.

What i would suggest is to use the "Custom api request post" within Flowlu.

Use this url: {{account_url}}/api/v1/module/crm/account/create

And use this Raw JSON (same as what is now, but added with contact owner:
{"first_name": "{{first_name}}", "last_name": "{{last_name}}","type": {{type}}, "account_category_id": {{account_category_id}}, "industry_id": {{industry_id}}, "address": "{{address}}", "phone": "{{phone}}", "web": "{{web}}", "description": "{{description}}", "name_legal": "{{name_legal}}", "name_legal_full": "{{name_legal_full}}", "address_legal": "{{address_legal}}", "vat": "{{vat}}", "bank_details": "{{bank_details}}", "owner_id": "{{owner_id}}" }

This way you can add all fields you want from: https://www.flowlu.com/api/#tag/Accounts/paths/~1crm~1account~1create/post


So are you telling me to live with a half-baked integration just because Pabbly team missed the most essential field in any crm the "contact owner", and are too lazy to fix it?

I cannot believe that I have to explain to Pabbly team that contact owner is not just any field! I would understand if you didn't have the integration all together. But the integration is there, and contains some rather useless fields such as legal name, address, etc, and missing the contact owner.


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Staff member
Hey @drmoyassine

We looked over your query and we have made some changes according to your concern. We have added the Owner Id field in the Create CRM account and in the Update CRM account action event, so kindly check again at your end and let us know if that works for you.


I hope this might work for you, if you get stuck at any step kindly let us know.

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