Go HighLevel - Create Location Endpoint


Hi there,

Would it be possible to update the create location endpoint to allow the mailgun settings and not only twilio.


Joe Habscheid


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Hello @jhabscheid

We have successfully added the Mailguns' fields. Please try again from your end and let us know if that works for you.

Hey having some trouble with this. Keep getting invalid API key when in fact I am using the right API key.
Can I get some help with this?


The location key works for some things pertaining to the location. The only tool to create a location without having the agency apu is Zapier. If you think about that - each and every one of your customers - even if they are just users can take the API key, create the location and even steal your snapshots. I have a $37 pipeline pro lifetime account and I can create unlimited pipeline pro locations with their snapshots. I can even take their snapshot and create a location in my agency with their snapshot. Zapier is a HUGE security hole.