Not getting leads from groove pages form to zoho mail


Hi, i created 3 workflows, same type (from groove pages form to zoho mail), for 3 different websites and i am not receiving leads from neither one of those, but in pabbly connects it shows tasks consumed as: 326, 26, 576, also i just submit info as a lead in one of the forms and wait for about 10 minutes, and nothing happend the lead info never arrived to my zoho mail account,
How i can fix this so i can:
1) get a copy of all those task (leads info to contact them)
2) fix this issue asap to get each lead details in to my zoho mail account as soon as they submit their request information in the groove pages form

when i click on test and send, it works. but it doesnt work when a lead submit the form, the info never arrives to zoho mail


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Hi Supreme, thanks for replying me!!

i moved to the end and it is working !!

now Supreme... Is there a way that i can get access or receive a file to the info of the tasks submitted by the clients, that we didn't received?

thank you so much Supreme!


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Hey @JohnV !

Transferring existing data is not possible, as the workflow will work only for new responses.

So, it won't work for retrieving the previously added data.

Hope, we have mentioned your query.