Perfex CRM to Stripe Payments


Hello together,

i have the following problem:

I want to add leads to perfex through different sources. After I change a lead to a customer and create a recurring invoice then how to add the workflow in pabbly for this:

1. Create recurring invoice for a customer in perfex
2. Send the data of the customer to stripe
3. Stripe takes the data and use the selected payment method to auto collect the money from the customer

Is that possible ? Or im thinking wrong and i need to create a subscription? If i create every month a new subscription then the customer would have several subscriptions after a couple of months.

Or should I let Stripe create an invoice and trigger then the event to create another invoice at perfex?

Hows the best solution?



Hey @isi

Currently, Perfex CRM's trigger events are not available on the platform but you may post the request on the platform here -

Our integration video will look into it and add it accordingly.
Thank you very much for the answer. But i think i gonna search for another automation tool cause there are over 1.1k requests opened which arent yet "In progress" and things are there over one year. So i dont think that somebody would care about it