PipeDrive "Label" field not updating in Pabbly Connect...


We are trying to pass data using an action with Pipedrive, specifically creating a new customer, but the "label" field doesn't show existing labels (see image below).

In addition, it doesn't appear custom field data are able to pass through to Pipedrive for new customers.

The goal is to make sure we can probably label the "leads" that pass through from Pabbly connect (website leads) in such a way where we can filter the data on Pipedrive for follow-up.

I hope Pabbly Connect team sees this and responds.

Thank you in advance,

Steven L.


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Hey @stevenisomint

We looked into the Pipedrives' API documentation for your concern and it seems like they haven't mentioned anything about Label over there.

But we have found a small workaround for you. You need to use "Get All persons fields" to get the Id of the Labels mentioned in the Pipedrive and pick any one Option ID of the label to forward it further.

Please check out the following screenshot for better understanding -