Subscription naming

A customer can have multiple plans with us. But so that the customer can now see which subscription is for what exactly (on our side, a SaaS account), we would like to be able to display a individual parameter (like the SaaS account name).

When I add today two subscriptions to a customer, they don't see which subscription is for what exactly. Of course he sees the product name, but no individual parameter and therefore can't distinguish at all which subscription is for what in the case of two identical ones.

How someone an idea how to solve this?


Staff member
Hello Joel,

We have a resolution for your use case. On the checkout page, you can add a custom field to collect the Restaurant name from the customer who is subscribing. Refer to the image below.


This will be shown in the subscription details as well as on the Invoice in email notifications.

Now, even if you add a manual subscription for your customer, you get an option to define the restaurant name for which you are adding the subscription.


In this way, you will be able to distinguish the subscriptions of the same customer.

Hope this helps.