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Zoom to YouTube Uploads

Hello, we previously asked some questions about ensuring we get the correct screen view from our zoom uploaded to YouTube,

We added a filter as discussed here in this thread: https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/zoom-recordings-to-youtube.13915/

The filter now looks like this, and seems to be performing correctly:

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 11.53.10.png

We added in active speaker as an option just to cover all bases (for example, if someone records a zoom meeting by themselves with no guests, there would be no gallery view, etc).

Where we are running into trouble now is with the YouTube Upload, we are getting the following error:

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 11.55.47.png

Am I assuming the YouTube Step of the automation is now unable to detect exactly which download URL to use from the filter step? Whilst the filter checks if a shared screen with gallery view, gallery view, or active speaker view is available in the recordings of the zoom meeting - I can't see a way to extract the URL Download of each to provide it to the YouTube Step.

The YouTube Step is setup as follows:

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 12.01.17.png


Staff member
Hello @sebwilliams

Could you please confirm whether you need the URL for all the filter conditions or just one URL i.e. particular URLs for each Gallery view, shared screen with Gallery view, and active speaker?

Also, please note that the Youtube Video URL field only accepts only a single URL, not multiple URLs.
Hi @Arshita ,

Of course - we need just one downloadable URL, but we have a preference of what type of view is downloaded from Zoom and uploaded to YouTube,

Our first priority preference is Shared Screen with Gallery View,

Second is Gallery View,

Third would be Active Speaker,

This should cover all bases for us depending on how many people are on a meeting and if the screen is shared or not.

And yes, when changing the Zoom Response to Simple (rather than advanced, as I had it previously set) I couldn't figure out how to only add the appropriate URL into the YouTube Video URL field.

I noticed some changes to the automation, thank you for the help thus far once again, and hope these insights are helpful so we can get it all working :))


Staff member
Hey @sebwilliams

We have made some changes to our workflow based on your requirements. Now, I request you to review the workflow from your end and try to capture the response as intended.

If you face any issues or have any other concerns, please let me know.
Hi @Arshita thank you so much for your help and amendments to the workflow, super grateful.

We will perform some test recordings in zoom and let you know the outcome - thank you :)
Last edited:
Hello @Arshita , thank you once again for your help,

We have been testing this workflow and whilst it now does upload every recording, it doesn't seem to upload the view that we want in the preferred order


Staff member
Hey @sebwilliams

As we checked your workflow, we found that you have set the routes in the router action, but you have not clicked on the "Save and Send Test Request" button. This is the reason why you are not receiving the response of the video.


Also, we have noticed the issue and found an error message stating "Media type 'text/html;charset=utf-8' is not supported." This means that the video format you are using is not supported by YouTube and the file you entered does not exist, or it has been deleted.

To resolve this, we request you to verify the file format and ensure that the file is still available.

Moreover, please provide the desired order for your videos, so that we can assist you accordingly.
Hi @Arshita - thank you once again for your help.

Our desired order/preference for video formats from zoom is as follows...

#1. - Shared Screen with Gallery View

#2. - Shared Screen with Speaker View

#3. - Gallery View

#4. - Active Speaker

Please let me know if there's any other information needed to help, thank you once again :))


Staff member
Hey @sebwilliams

Thank you for sharing the order.

We have noticed that the recording URL you are receiving from the Zoom trigger is not valid. It appears that the video file you are using does not exist or has been deleted.

To resolve this issue, I kindly request you to recapture the response first from the zoom trigger and remap the fields for all the remaining action steps.

Once you have completed these steps, please let me know, and I will check and assist you further.