Active Campaign To Kartra Connect


Hello Team,
OUTCOME: I want to add a lead to Kartra from Active Campaign (AC).

I successfully added a lead to AC.
The next step I selected was kartra.
The Action Event drop-down For the next step shows an empty population.
I also noticed that t doesn't ask me for my API or webhook information upon selecting Kartra to give me the ability to send the information to my specific Kartra account.
I tried creating another workflow starting with Kartra to see if the webhook information would help identify my Kartra account for other workflow creations, I.E. AC to Kartra Contact Transfer but to no avail Considering the webhook information provided is for outbound and not inbound.

I've added pictures of the2 step workflow thus far.

Is there a way to help the Pabbly system recognize my Kartra inbound request from other applications? Am I missing a step?

Please help me to complete this connection and let me know what I'm missing.

Thank you so much.


  • Kartra Next Step attemp.png
    Kartra Next Step attemp.png
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  • AC Added Contact success.png
    AC Added Contact success.png
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