ActiveCampaign "get account" fields

I am experiencing a small problem, hopefully you guys can help.

Using an account name, I would like to look up the organization in Activecampaign. The data of this organization (address), which is in ActiveCampaign I want to process in an appointment (google calendar).

If I choose "Search account" in Pabbly then it retrieves the fields of the account. Fields like phone number, address or other custom fields it does not show. see screenshot.
What am I doing wrong?



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I see on the API page of ActiveCampaign, that it should be possible to retrieve the address of an organization (account), but I do not see this possibility in Pabbly. Is there anything possible for that?
In that case, you would be required to pass the Address Id in the action step, so are getting the Address Id in your workflow to retrieve it.


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Hey @johan Rombouts

It doesn't appears that the address Id is coming from the Active Campaign action step which you are using in the automation.

So, there is no other way to dynamically pass the address Id.
I received the address or account ID from an earlier step in pabbly. ( (see below)
Can I then add this ID in the second pabbly step which should retrieve the address from activecampaign?