Pabbly Delay Function


I'm using the delay function in quite a few workflows, to send a task to an API, wait some time, and retrieve the results back.
The problem I notice is the fact the 'Delay for 1 minute' (which is the minimum, I would prefer an option to set this in seconds (15, 30, 45) as well), is that this minute is not an 'absolute minute', but it delays till the next minute. So if the delay starts at 19:10:57, the task will continue at 19:11:00, so only after 3 seconds. In this cases the particular job is not yet finished, and the API will return an 'error' (processing) message.

I've tried to fix this more or less with the time functions (get current time, add half a minute) to restart the job at an exact time, but it seems this function is not checking the seconds either, so the result looks te same.

In my opinion this is kind of a bug, does somebody has a good, or at least a more stable solution (without adding to much delay, as I have several of this cases in one workflow, to the complete workflow)

Fagun Shah

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Delay in seconds is not possible and they have mentioned that in the past as well.

And yes, the Delay For action is actually minute change.

And yes, It is know that Delay Until does not consider seconds data.

Your best solution is to use 2min of delay. That way you will get minimum of 1 min delay each time.