Razorpay connect ticket quantity

So I was trying to sell tickets online through razorpay. Razorpay events page does not give any sort of average functions including, qr code, tickets, they cant event print the display name you want on their own invoice. So I was trying to make my own tickets connecting google docs with razorpay but came up with a problem that razorpay can't seem to solve it.

I have the "amount with quantity" field where the user can select the type of ticket and how many they want. However, in webhook the quantity data is not there and if I put a separate field to get the number of tickets it becomes a hassle for both the customer and me.

Is there a way to get the item quantity in webhook?


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Regarding your concern to get the order quantity from the order, you can try the "Razorpay: Get Order by Order Id" action step.

Kindly connect the Razorpay action step and try accordingly.